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Going Green 

Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano has initiated several programs to help reduce our impact on the environment. 

The BioSystem Waste Reduction Program uses eco-friendly reusable sharps containers in all of the clinical areas. The containers are collected by an outside technician that sends them to a processing center where they are opened, emptied and disinfected for reuse. One reusable container prevents 500 disposable containers from going to a landfill.  

In fiscal year 2012, Baylor Plano prevented more than 21,000 pounds of plastic containers from going into landfills. As a whole, Baylor Health Care System kept nearly 315,000 pounds of disposable containers out of landfills in fiscal year 2012.   

The second program we have initiated is the facility-wide recycling program. Blue recycle bins are located on all units, and everyone is helping reduce our waste of paper, plastic and metal by placing these materials in the bins. In calendar year 2012, we have collected 19.31 tons of material.  

Not only are we helping our environment, but we also have received a benefit in cost savings. Based on the reduction in waste due to the recycling, we have saved approximately $269.14 in waste disposal fees per month and $116.43 in truck charges per month. We also have benefited from the rebates for the recycled materials, and since implementing this program in 2009, we have collected $10,120.35.

As a not-for-profit hospital, all savings go directly back into patient care allowing us to acquire new equipment and offer additional education programs to our clinical staff.

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