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There Are Some Curves a Woman Shouldn't Have®

Despite the fact that men and women have nearly the same rate of scoliosis, women have progressive scoliosis more frequently. In fact, young women diagnosed in adolescence or young adulthood with scoliosis face a progression rate of seven to eight times higher than boys.

Since 2005 Baylor Scoliosis Center, the first center of its kind in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, has been devoted to treatment, surgery and care of advanced spine curvature to help women, and all adults and adolescents, overcome the pain caused by scoliosis.

While many patients today mistakenly believe there is no treatment option available for their scoliosis or that as an adult their condition cannot be treated, the Baylor Scoliosis Center offers hope.

Great advances in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition have been made in recent years and the staff at the Baylor Scoliosis Center specializes in offering each patient the appropriate option for his or her situation. The Center specializes in complex procedures to treat painful spinal deformity and also offers a range of nonsurgical treatment options.  Baylor Scoliosis Center also makes an effort to focus on both the physical and emotional effects of dealing with scoliosis.

The Center has performed more than 1,600 surgeries, and ranks among the largest scoliosis centers in the nation. This experience means the physicians on the medical staff.

Baylor Scoliosis Center has created our first online support group for those living with scoliosis.  Patients treated by Baylor Scoliosis Center or those who are just seeking online support for this condition can access the group on Facebook by going to

To learn more about the Baylor Scoliosis Center or to schedule an appointment, call 972.985.2797 or visit Join us on Facebook at