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Halloween Safety 

Tips for a Safe Halloween 

Halloween is a time for fun and innocent frights, and when you’re playing host to little ghosts, goblins and vampires this year, be sure you take steps to keep them safe. 

A lot of parents focus on the safety of candy from trick-or-treating, and while it’s important to check candy, says Hania Alaidroos, M.D., a family medicine physician on the medical staff at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Plano, she more commonly sees other injuries at Halloween. 

She offers the following tips for keeping little ones safe this Oct. 31. 

1. Check costume masks. “Vision is important,” Dr. Alaidroos says. “Children often fall because they can’t see.”  

2. Test face paints. “A lot of kids have allergic reactions to face paints,” she notes. “Before painting the whole face, do a test run on a small strip of skin.”  

3. Do a clothing run-through. To help prevent falls, make sure a child’s costume isn’t wrapping around his or her legs, Dr. Alaidroos says. Plus, make sure the clothes are comfortable and appropriate for the weather. 

4. Pack well. Carry water so kids (and parents, too) stay hydrated, and bring flashlights to reduce the risk of falls after dark. 

5. Monitor sugar intake. “Limit the amount of candy children eat in one sitting,” Dr. Alaidroos suggests. “Ration their candy instead of letting them have it all at once.”  

6. Prevent choking. Make sure candy and toys are appropriate for a child’s age, she says. Little kids can choke on small toys or certain candies. 

If something unexpected happens this Halloween, make sure you know if you need an emergency room, or if at-home treatment or a visit to urgent care might be more appropriate. Check out Is it an Emergency?