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Exercise More 

Five easy ways to exercise more

You know you want to exercise more, but finding an hour a day for the gym can be daunting. Here are five easy ways to squeeze in more activity.

  1. Get a pedometer and start walking. Studies have show that 10,000 paces a day helps maintain a healthy metabolism, making it a great way to start burning calories. 
  2. Do the little things. Yes, taking the stairs and parking further away from the building do help. Those calories burned can really add up.
  3. Pace. Walk around your home or office when you’re on the phone. People who pace have been shown to be less likely to be overweight and it can help you reach your 10,000 steps.
  4. Change your mindset. Going on an evening walk with somebody - like your spouse - can be a great way to catch up and you won't have to think of it as exercising.
  5. Multitask. Do calf raises while you wash dishes or leg lifts while you watch TV. Use those commercial breaks to see how many push-ups or sit-ups you can do.

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