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Don't Shoulder The Pain 

Baylor Plano offers innovative solutions for shoulder pain

When your shoulder hurts, your whole world hurts. The pain affects every move you make.

“Not only is the shoulder the most mobile joint in the body, it’s also the most complex,” says Robert Berry, DO, medical director of sports medicine at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano and physician on the medical staff.

The shoulder joint is inherently unstable. Unlike the hip, which is a ball and socket joint, the shoulder relies upon muscles and ligaments for stabilization. This makes the shoulder primer for injury.

Demystifying Shoulder Surgery

Causes of shoulder pain range from rotator cuff injury to dislocations, traumatic injury and arthritis.

“Our goal is to take away pain and restore function,” says Dr. Berry.

“Many conditions can be treated without surgery. If surgery is necessary most can be performed arthroscopically on an outpatient basis,” he says. “Most people are back in the game in just a short time.”

So when should you stop “shouldering” the pain and see your doctor? “If pain doesn’t subside with rest and over the counter meds in a week or two, get it checked out.” Dr. Berry says.

Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

If you’ve been injured or have shoulder pain, don’t wait another day. Call 1.800.4BAYLOR or visit to register for a free seminar on shoulder and elbow pain at Baylor Plano.