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Christmas Shoes 


Christmas Shoe Shopping Tips

It’s Christmas shopping time, and chances are, someone on your Christmas list has asked for a new pair of boots, pumps or heels. But while you’re shopping for that perfect pair that will fill their heart with glee on Christmas morning, remember that there is more to a great pair of shoes than just color and style.

When trying on a new pair of shoes, the most important issue is making sure the shoes, regardless of whether it’s a pair of heels, boots, clogs or sneakers, are comfortable and appropriately sized. Wearing shoes that are too small or too big can lead to short and long term consequences. You can develop painful blisters, bunions or hammertoes from wearing tight or pointed shoes, and flip flops and clogs don’t provide ankle support, which can lead to ankle injuries. Poor fitting shoes may lead to problems in other joints throughout your body because your body will begin to compensate for the pain your feet are experiencing.

While physicians don't recommend an ideal height for heels, they do encourage women to choose heels that are comfortable and stable. Remember, it’s not exactly natural to walk around on your toes all day.  It’s reasonable to wear heels occasionally and in moderation. Sometimes women just suffer through painful shoes because they like the way they look, but doctors encourage women to avoid wearing shoes that hurt.

If you notice changes in your feet such as your feet becoming flatter or the development of bunions or hammertoes, visit your physician. For a referral to a foot and ankle specialist on the Baylor Scott & White – Plano medical staff call 1.800.4Baylor or visit