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Baylor Radiosurgery Center 

Sophisticated Radiosurgery for Both Brain & Body

Radiosurgery uses powerful beams of precisely focused radiation to treat difficult tumors throughout the brain and body. Radiosurgery is often effective when other methods of treatment have failed or cannot be used.

Baylor Radiosurgery Center offers you a full range of sophisticated radiosurgical options by combining two innovative radiosurgical systems: the Gamma Knife® and the CyberKnife.®  Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas is the first medical center in Texas and one of the few in the world to combine these technologies within a single dedicated radiosurgical suite. Because the Baylor Radiosurgery Center includes an multidisciplinary radiosurgical team on its medical staff, evaluation of your patient and selection of the appropriate radiosurgical procedure proceeds seamlessly and rapidly. The combination of advanced technology with dedicated expertise within a single center is a unique and powerful resource at Baylor Dallas. 

Advantages of Radiosurgery Include:
  • High success rate for many tumors
  • Treats tumors almost anywhere in the body
  • Higher doses than conventional radiation
  • Effective even after conventional radiation fails
  • Can treat several tumors in one session
  • Can be repeated
  • Non-invasive, can be used when conventional surgery is prohibited
  • Outpatient treatment completed in one to five days 

The Technology

Baylor features two advanced machines to treat a variety of tumors and conditions throughout the body - the Gamma Knife® and CyberKnife®.

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Numerous Conditions Treated

Radiosurgery can offer effective treatment of many conditions that are inoperable or untreatable with conventional therapy.

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The Team

Baylor Radiosurgery Center, housed in its own wing at Baylor Dallas, is staffed by:

  • Radiation Oncologists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Thoracic surgeons
  • Surgical oncologists
  • Urologists
  • Otolaryngologists
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Dedicated Radiosurgical Nurses

Members of this team have years of experience in radiosurgery. This unique collection of professionals utilize advanced radiosurgical technologies: the Gama Knife and the CyberKnife.

Baylor Radiosurgery Center holds a powerful concentration of resources for you and your patients that further expands the capabilities of Baylor’s premiere neuroscience and cancer programs. Baylor Dallas has been ranked five times as one of the top 50 hospitals in the United States in both cancer care and neurology/neurosurgery in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Hospitals issue.