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Baylor Neuroscience Center offers neuro-oncology services with a multidisciplinary and coordinated approach to brain tumor patient care in cooperation with Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center. Specialized medical treatment is available for patients with primary brain tumors, primary spine tumors, brain metastases and spine metastases.

The team of neuro-oncologists on our medical staff also treat the neurologic complications that may result from cancer or its treatment, and the seizures that can occur as a result of a brain tumor.

The neuro-oncologists on the medical staff—physicians specifically trained in the diagnosis and treatment of brain and other tumors of the nervous system—oversee all aspects of patient treatment and care. A comprehensive team, that evaluates appropriate treatment options for each patient and review new investigational approaches, includes:

  • neuro-oncologists
  • medical oncologists
  • neurosurgeons
  • neuropathologists
  • radiation oncologists
  • radiosurgery specialists, and
  • neuroradiologists.

Treatment may include chemotherapy, radiosurgery, radiation, surgery or participation in a clinical trial.

Because brain tumor patients also face complex social issues, patient support services offered include rehabilitation, home health referrals, social work services, and assessment of long-term or ongoing care needs.