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Physical Rehabilitation Outcomes 

Quality rehabilitation can achieve more than you ever thought possible. It can bridge the gap from where you to where you want to be. 

At Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, our medical teamwork, advanced technology and respect for your rehabilitation journey can move you toward your fullest life possible. Our Functional Measure Independence Score, an indicator of how well patients recover, repeatedly exceeds the regional and national average. 

There are not just numbers we crunch for our annual report. These are real people whose daily lives are better because they chose Baylor. 

This could be you. 

About our Results

BIR has drawn referrals from 15 states—including some of the most challenging and complex injuries. Still, our results consistently outpace the norm: 

Total average Functional Independence Measure (FIM) gain from admission to discharge (FY 2007)

BIR               National                  Regional

27.06             23.19                     22.9

Discharge to Community (FY 2007)

BIR               National                  Regional

82.34%          75%                       76.16%